Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gabriella Rocha Luce

It's winter cold out here and therefore it's easy to hide under a coat and forget about fashion. But we at Bootsmania know that it's possible to look good and be warm at the same time. Lets start with the feet. Adorn those in something beautiful like these Gabriella Rocha Luces.

Gabriella Rocha Luce

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Smokes, Are They Real?!

The title of this post was basically our reaction upon viewing the Luichiny Women's Riley Sandals on They are thong sandals that look like boots! Who would have thunk you could have all the benefits of boots and sandals at the same time. You can show off your pedicure, let your feet feel the breeze, and enjoy the look of a well- heeled boot. :-) Endless seems to have exhausted their inventory of sandals but the combination of low prices, fashionable styles, and free Overnight Shipping (yikes!) was bound to do that to them eventually. I bought a pair of sandals (Adidas) earlier in the season before the rush to buy sandals had really begun and received my pair the very next day looking exactly as they appeared on the website. I even considered buying another color! BTW, you can buy these on Zappos as well.
Signing off,
Nigella Mastersson

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Walking in Style

Many of us are on a tighter budget these days with the bevy of economic woes facing us. Perhaps you have thought you might have to surrender your disposable income, once spent on boots, to feeding your car...but what if you could be healthier, save on gas, and look fashionable all at once? Here we have found a number of boots that truly are made for walking. We could park our car a little farther away or take the efficient public transportation in our city and walk to work in comfort all the while enjoying the attention of admiring strangers.

Those were from and may be gone by the time you read this but check out their other offerings too. And these next boots are cool in two ways...
These next ones are sturdy, waterproof, comfortable, and look pretty slick too. Pair 'em with long trousers or jeans and a sexy top/blouse.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boots in the Summer?!

Back in the winter when we had to stop posting, one reader asked where to find a sweater wedge boot. These are available from many retailers but we would suggest that you search for sweater boots and many of these will be wedge boots whether they say so or not. To start your search, you might try these sweater wedge boots from Zappo. They're cute and have a classic feel of boots that will remain in style for many seasons yet.
I don't know about you but it's hot where we are....summer hot. As in, my tanktop was sticking to my back this afternoon. So can you wear boots in the summer? Sure. We suggest you stick with ankle boots or any boots that really know how to breathe. Try a pair of these supercute boots:

It all depends how hot it is where you are. Maybe you can get away with these last two pairs which aren't exactly cool....or maybe you like something more along the lines of the first pair shown above which with their mesh material will keep your feet very happy in hot weather. Just remember not to write off boots altogether just because it's summer. On the other hand, don't get us wrong. We love sandals and our next post might have to be about this fabulous footwear. :-)

Stay cool,
Bootmania Staff (back on the air/net)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flat is Fabulous

If you haven't noticed, flats have been very in recently. Girls (and Women) everywhere are realizing that they can have it all, style and healthy feet. Add to the enthusiasm for flats, this season's ankle boot trend and you've just designed our pick of the week. Just one of many choices's easily representative of both the style that is available sans heel and the built in comfort we have come to expect from all our shoes and boots, whether they are fashion boots boots. And, of course, we try and find boots that are relatively affordable for our woman of today. These boots barely even look in the direction of your money before walking home with you. So check them out while they are still available, the Mossimo® Gen Suede Flat Ankle Boots in Black available from Target for just 29.99 a pair.

And Magdelena, our most determined ethical shopper, is buying the first pair...they have a faux suede upper.

Of course, the nice thing about ankle boots/booties is that they kick ass when paired with a hot pair of pants. And sometimes it's hard finding a pair that fits right...Bice wanted to put in a plug for Aeropostales' skinny flare trousers. She just bought every color by mail (on sale for $20 each) and, though she is *cough* slightly over the 11-18 year-old target demographic, they all fit her perfectly. I can attest to that since I'm seen her in

Monday, August 13, 2007

Shoes for Real Women

Okay, okay...I lied. These shoes are as craaaaazee as any. So, if you are looking for practical, this might not be your thing. On the other hand, maybe I'm still...pulling your shoe. What are we talking about? Nine West, baby. They have a very large selection of shoes for a wide range of sizes up to at least size 12. So, if you want the latest, hottest fashions, swing on over to the website. Among many other finds, we were excited about their lace-up bootie, Naso, which comes in a beautiful rich-brown suede (real? sorry, Magdelena) and has a killer heel to boot. For $109.00, we might just have to get in line for a pair, out for shipment at the end of the month. Remember, this season boot-tease is high(3 3/4") fashion.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Oh-my-gosh. We featured boots just like these recently on Bootsmania's Dailyboot section, I think it was. And of course, for looks like these, they cost some part of an arm and a leg. But no more. No more must we sell our very soles to adorn our feet in high fashion. Savior of the universe, Payless shoes, is carrying what are essentially the very same booties (Hassel Collar Bootine) for just 29.99 or (take deep breath)...get them on sale now for 24.99. Yikes! I'd say that's affordable beauty. Enjoy. I'll keep you posted as I look for more tres chic deals to send your way.